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Get to know me!

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Hi there, friend. I'm Grace! I'm a photographer passionately pursuing beautiful moments. If you are on the hunt for a portrait, couples, or wedding photographer, I'M YOUR GAL! 


There are moments in life that deserve to be preserved beautifully. To me, photography is so much more than a camera and a smile. Photography has the power to tell a story of a second that might otherwise be long forgotten. It has the power to represent your personality. It has the power to transform how you see yourself. 


I fell in love with photography when I was a little girl. My grandpa (Papa J) and I would go on "photo safaris" together and I took pictures on his point-and-shoot camera. I cherish those memories with him. In fact, they mean more to me because I have photos to remember them. Papa J is always the person behind the camera, preserving our family memories for future generations. I have grown to appreciate this as a genuine gift, and I hope I can gift you in the same way. I have always had a heart for service. Photography allows me to serve people in a way that I never expected. I strive to capture your genuine self so that when you look at the photos you love yourself more. You are SO BEAUTIFUL, on the surface and in your soul. 

My logo is an olive branch. Olive branches represent peace, and my middle name (Irene) means peace. More importantly, my dad's logo for his law firm is a different variation of an olive branch. I have admired my dad's entrepreneurship and dedication to his career my entire life. He encouraged me as a high schooler to become my own boss, and I am certain I wouldn't have had the same confidence to build a business without his guidance. The way I see it, my dad and I are just different branches of the same tree. 


I am engaged to Salvetti, my boyfriend of almost 8 years! We started dating when we were freshmen in high school. I feel incredibly blessed to have found my person so early in life. We are getting married in 2022, so if you are planning your wedding right now I can totally relate to you! We have a 5-year-old chocolate lab named Raegan. We are convinced that she is the best dog in the world, but feel free to bring your dog to your session to try to convince me otherwise (I will bring treats)!

I love days at the lake, cooking new recipes, and reading. I love Rock and Country music, but I am guilty of singing along loudly to Driver's License (while happily engaged). ;) I am a student at CSU, and in the fall you can find me in the football stands cheering on the Rams! I could go on, but I'll make you a deal... inquire about a session and let's get to know each other more!


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